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The Steve Harvey Show

Steve interviews founder Michele Welsh on his show featuring Mom Invented products to keep kids safe. Our Safety Tattoos were a hit!

SafetyTat Child ID featured on The Steve Harvey Show

CBS: Denver mom gets peace of mind from SafetyTat Allergy tattoos for her two girls with life-threatening allergies

Allergy Tattoos: Should Kids Wear Warning Labels to School?

SafetyTat Child ID featured on Yahoo website

From Yahoo! Shine: "Temporary tattoos are not traditionally considered must-have back-to-school shopping items -- but that could change. This year, some students with severe allergies are returning to class with their medical issues stamped on their skin for their own protection…"

SafetyTat Gives Parents Peace of Mind

SafetyTat Child ID featured on KSDK St. Louis

Reporter Dana Dean from St. Louis KSDK interviews SafetyTat Founder, Michele Welsh: "Safety Tat" is a tattoo that parents actually want their kids to have. Dana, Sara and a special guest are here to show us it doesn't involve getting inked.…"

From SafeWise: Safetytat Offers Peace of Mind for Parents with Small Children

SafetyTat Child ID featured on SAFEWISE website

"This is a brilliant item for any parent, and can help ease the stress of the classic 'lost the child in the grocery store' scenario…"

How to keep kids safe? Tattoo them is one option. USA TODAY

SafetyTat Child ID featured on USA TODAY website

"One moment, the child you're with is by your side in a public place such as a theme park or on a beach. The next, she or he has darted off and is lost in the crowd. Usually, adult and kid are reunited quickly, but most of us have experienced that panic when a child strays from your side.…"

> Click here to read the whole story on USA TODAY's website

SafetyTat safety tattoos featured on The Katie Show

SafetyTat Child ID featured on Disney With Children's websiteSafety Tat: Don’t Leave Home Without Them -- Disney With Children

"As we get ready to welcome summer families all over will be going on summer vacations to the beach, theme parks, water parks and a million other places. I hear over and over again about parents who embark on a day out, worry what will happen if their child(ren) gets lost, and write their cell number on the child(ren's) arm. Michele Welsh herself did this with one summer on a visit to a theme park with her three boys. She explained to her 3 (children) to stay with mommy and daddy, but if they did get separated to show the numbers to an adult. Throughout the day she constantly had to rewrite the numbers because between between water, sweat and sunblock they kept getting wiped off. That day inspired her to create Safety Tat-and for that every parent throughout the world should be grateful!…"

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SafetyTat Child ID featured on Chip and Company Disney Planning websiteChip & Company loves SafetyTat!

"If you have you ever lost your child, even for a moment, you know that it is every parent’s worst nightmare. And it happens to ninety percent of all parents. Now there’s finally a safety idea parents can stick with..."

Chip & Company shares Disney® Park News, Planning Tips, Giveaways and More. Chip and Co has over 25 writers from all over the country who share their love of Disney and help fans with Planning Tips and Tricks on visiting Disneyland and Disney World.

Design your own emergency tattoos for kids

Spotted by: Raymond Kollau

SafetyTat's new TatBuilder allows customers to choose from more than 100,000 possible combinations of styles in their SafetyTat tattoo. Background and border colours are among the variables they can control, as are the message text and accompanying icon. Two lines are available for contact information on each tattoo...Any sign yet that consumers are tiring of having it their own way? We sure haven't seen it. Keep the design-your-own innovations coming!"

SafetyTat Child ID featured on The Today Show

Kickoff Summer on the Today Show
Bobbie shows her summer favorites, including SafetyTat ID tattoos!

Today Show correspondent Bobbie Thomas reminds us that amidst Summer Fun, "safety is still priority number one." Easy peel and stick SafetyTat ID tattoos help kids stay safe this summer! "Waterproof, customizable temporary tattoos that can include important contact information, allergies, or medical conditions in case a child becomes lost. Just peel and stick."

SafetyTat: Deal or Dud?
Fox8 puts Quick Stick Write-on! to the test

SafetyTat child id tattoos featured on Trekaroo: Kid Friendly Travel Tips

SafetyTat Child ID featured on Trekaroo Kid Friendly Travel Tips For young children, being lost is a traumatic experience. They are usually too young or upset to properly share their parent or caregiver's name or phone number. Luckily, Michele Welsh, a mom of three invented a temporary tattoo that does the talking for them - SafetyTat. Parents can easily write their phone numbers on these temporary child id safety tattoos without worry about them being readily removed, smeared, or washed away from water.

Check out more on Trekaroo's Family-Friendly travel tips website

SafetyTat Child ID featured in the December Issue of Parents Magazine

SafetyTat child id tattoos featured in Parents Magazine: Ready. Set. Jet! Flying with kids doesn't have to be stressful.

The Solutions section of Parents always has fantastic suggestions for Money Savers, Bright Ideas and Fast Fixes.

Make Your Mark
Before you enter a busy airport or city, print your cell number on a Quick Stick Write-on temporary tattoo.

SafetyTat Child ID featured on Crazy Adventures of Parenting with Lisa

SafetyTat child id tattoos receives Crazy Adventures of Parenting "Stamp of Approval"...And a successful reunion with Lisa's 4 year old son!

In preparing for vacation season, I was given a few SafetyTats to try and review. And in true, Crazy Adventures in Parenting fashion, I've been really putting them to the test...We found out, first hand, just how useful they can be. We were at Walmart, and my four-year-old decided he was mad at us for not allowing him to continue to play video games on the Xbox 360 there the other day. So mad, in fact, he walked away from us...

Read the entire review here!

SafetyTat Child ID featured in First For Women

SafetyTat child id tattoos featured in First For Women Magazine

Temporary tattoos that help keep kids safe

During the holidays, young children can quickly get lost in crowded malls and busy airports -- and may not know how to identify themselves to adults who are tryig to help. One protective option: sticker "tattoos" on which a parent can write an emergency contact number, allergy alerts or other vital health information. SafetyTat!

SafetyTat Child ID featured on Good Morning America

SafetyTat featured on Good Morning America

Safety gear tips from Annie Pleshette Murphy -- America's Favorite Parenting Expert -- features SafetyTat safety tattoos. "Simple things to do to keep your kids safe!" Little model, Emily did a great job modeling our Sandcastle tattoo. Can be customized with any phone or medical information to keep kids safe. Just in case!

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SafetyTat Child ID featured Cool Baby Kid

Because SafetyTat is unique, indispensable and an overall great product, they receive a Cool Baby Kid *Top Pick* designation.

SafetyTat: The Coolest Product You Hope You'll Never Need.

I first heard about SafetyTat at the BlogHer conference this summer. Recently we had the opportunity to actually try them out; what a neat child safety product!

Michele Welsh and Jill Boehler in Country Woman Magazine

SafetyTat's Michele Welsh and Chilly Jilly Jill Boehler a story of "An Unlikely Friendship" in Country Woman Magazine

...Each of us was at completely different points of our lives and it seemed like we would have very little in common. And then we connected in a way we never anticipated... read the whole Country Woman article about Jill and Michele

SafetyTat Child ID Awarded The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

SafetyTat Awarded The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

An unfortunate reality of life today is that as parents we need to remain ever vigilant and tools that can give us a level of security, beyond our normal protective skills, is welcomed by parents. Based on the evaluations of our testers The Quick Stick Write On was such a product. By applying an easy to use temporary tattoo, before venturing into busy locales such as the zoo or an amusement park, you can write a cell phone number for security or another parent to contact you in case you get separated from your child. The tattoo stayed on all day, the pen didn't smear and it was easy to remove at the end of the day.

Six Flags Over Georgia

SafetyTat tops Six Flags Over Georgia '40 Fun Things for Kids!' List

While there are hundreds of fun things for kids to do at Six Flags, SafetyTat Child ID tattoos has the top spot! Already an ultra-safe and fun theme park, Six Flags has stocked a whole Summer's supply of SafetyTats for their little guests. Child ID Safety temporary tattoos Available at the front gate, retail stores, stroller rental and online with a ticket purchase. Kids can now enjoy Thomas & Friends™, Bugs Bunny®, Wii™, AND SafetyTat!

parenting features child ID tattoos

Tattoo You on Parenting Editor's Daily Fave

It's almost amusement park season, which means roller coasters, food on a stick, and probably at least one heart-stopping instance of momentarily losing sight of your kid in the crowd...

Click here to read more on Parenting's website.

parents features child identification tattoos for parents traveling with small children

Gotta Have It! Temporary Tattoos They'll Love

These simple (and adorable) peel-and-stick designs could help you reunite with a lost child.

Navigating the crowds at a museum or the mall can be terrifying when you have a child in tow. Every parent has nightmares about stories of children who vanished when Mom or Dad looked away for "just a minute."

Take the panic out of crowded places with SafetyTat, temporary tattoos that help reconnect parent and child if they get separated. The peel-and-stick appliquˇs can be custom-printed with a parent's contact information or ordered blank and filled out with an included waterproof marking pen. The tattoos feature colorful, kid-friendly designs, and are hypoallergenic and waterproof, perfect for the beach or water park. There are also tattoos to alert others to a child's diabetes, allergies, or autism.

Redbook Magazine Online "Mom Moment" from the "How Cool Is This" Files

For now, I wanted to share these insanely useful temporary tattoos that you can have personalized with your contact info. Perfect to put on your toddlers and preschoolers before visiting a busy amusement park, the pool (they are waterproof), or other summer vacation hot spots. Maybe I should get some for myself for when I get lost at the mall.

Redbook Magazine Logo

Mom Logic travel and safety advice with temporary ID tatoos

Tattoo You - For Safety! By Mom Logic: Why every kid needs a tattoo like this one.

Everyone from teachers to law enforcement professionals to CNN's own Nancy Grace are raving about them.

Tattoos can be designed on the company's website, which allows for parents to include just the right message -- like information about your child's potentially life-threatening allergies to things such as peanuts or bee stings.

These are great for family vacations, visits to an amusement park, or field trips because they are easy to apply and last for one to five days. The tattoos are also an excellent way to introduce a safety plan with your child in the event that they are separated from you. The tattoos come in bright, fun designs, which only emphasizes this message for your child.

my healthy school field trip tattoos

Hit the ground running

Make sure you have these important things with you when you head outside with your students:...You can get personalized tattoos for kids with the school's phone number or a teacher's cell phone number in case the child is separated from the group. Contact Safetytat for more information.

mommy warriors

SafetyTat on Mommy Warriors

One of my biggest sources of anxiety is going to a crowded place with the kids and losing track of one of them. It's gotten a little easier as they have gotten older, but it still has the ability to send me into an all out panic. Just this weekend, I was at the farmer's market with my two boys. While juggling bags of broccoli, counting organic apples and fumbling in my purse for cash, I tried my best to keep an eye on the boys who were off to the side engrossed in their recently purchased toys. It was not easy. Then, my fear of losing one of them was further inflamed when I saw a mom running thru the rows of produce stands frantically yelling for her child. Her panic hit me like a wave...

Claire Newell Travel Best Bets BCTV

Claire Newell talks about Kid Essentials for Spring Break, Travel Best Bets on BCTV

Safety Tattoos - This is a new product and a brilliant idea if you ask me! They are hypoallergenic temporary tattoos that indicate medical conditions, allergies and "if lost" instructions on them. You can purchase blank versions to write on your own information (phone numbers) or preprinted customized versions. Blank versions come with a hypoallergenic, waterproof, marking pen.

SafetyTat identification temporary tattoos win Two iParenting Media Awards

SafetyTat Earns Two iParenting Media Awards

November 6, 2008

"This is a brilliant item! I love it!" raves one iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer. "The colors and designs included were nice and bright and child-friendly." "Great product!", an online community for parents and parents-to-be, is part of Disney Online's network of family-focused Web sites including Disney, and

The iParenting Media Awards Program provides a credible and objective method of determining the best products in the marketplace and then honors them with the most prestigious consumer award. SafetyTat has been recognized for both our Original SafetyTats and our Quick Stick Write-On! SafetyTats.

The iParenting reviewers are a diverse set of parents, experts, licensed childcare centers and schools nationwide.

Kindergarten Simplified: A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy Parents by Mary Lou Podlasiak talks about Developing Safety Plans and includes SafetyTat

Developing a Safety Plan suggestions from Kindergarten Simplified

Excerpts from the book: Children take tremendous pride in knowing exactly what to do when others are in doubt. For this reason, you shouldn't feel guilty about frequently quizzing your child about the safety plans that you develop. The information in this section should help you cover the basics, and help you figure out what else you need to do.

Check out the new "SafetyTat" tattoos. These FDA approved, temporary tattoos were invented by Michele Welch, a mother of three who came up with the idea after a nerve-wracking visit to an amusement park. She wrote her cell phone number on her kids' arms, worried about becoming separated, but the water rides and perspiration kept wearing away the ink. Very affordable for parents and schools, they can be custom ordered with phone numbers and even allergy alerts.

When you talk to your child about any serious issues, adjust your body so that you can make level eye contact, while holding both hands in yours.

These gestures will signal that what you're saying is extremely important. If you're asking for information, this will also increase the likelihood that you will get the truth. It doesn't matter if the conversation is negative or positive, once you've finished talking, you should end the conversation with a hug. That is the signal that you are finished and you love your child no matter what. Click here to read more from Kindergarten Simplified or purchase a copy from Amazon.

Upscale Baby Blog: Reviews of Stylish Baby Gear and Inexpensive Alternatives by Real Moms

Upscale baby travel gear temporary tattoos for kids

This is a good idea, and one that I had never heard of until I saw an ad for it in Scholastic's Parent and Child magazine recently. A company called SafetyTat came up with the ingenious notion of temporary safety tattoos for children, and have built a lucrative business on this idea. Each safety tattoo lists a child's emergency phone number and other information that may be important. Safety tattoos are recommended for when your child is going to be in a public place with a large amount of people and will have the potential to get lost: at an amusement park, the zoo, a sports event at a stadium, even at the mall. They sound easy to apply, using a warm, wet cloth, and can be removed with baby oil. SafetyTat also sells quick-stick write-on tattoos that are like stickers which you place on your child and then peel off to remove.

A variety of styles and uses are available, including original safety tats, allergy safety tats (to alert others of any allergies your child may have - a great idea), and even special needs safety tats, to alert others that a child is autistic or non-verbal ... Click here to read the entire article on Upscale Baby's website.

Working Everyday Woman Blog Reviews SafetyTat Safety TattoosWorking Everyday Woman Online

In today's day, we are always worried about our child, no matter the age or who they are with there is the 'what if' in the back of your head. Well one product is out now to try and take some of that what if out of your mind... Click here to read more on Working Everyday Woman's website.

CPA Mom's Did you See That?CPA Mom Did you see that features child identification tattoos

my son is speech delayed, on the autistic spectrum and has life threatening food allergies and I'm scared to death I'll lose him one day and he'll have no way of getting back to me.

How about you? Is your child allergic? Asthmatic? On the autistic spectrum and is non-verbal? Simply still to young to communicate? Ever thought about what could happen in those instances when you might lose your child? Think: travel (airports, bus stations), amusement parks, family reunions, school field trips, shopping at the mall, even Wal-Mart or Target on a busy day. What's a parent to do?

Enter SafetyTats, simply the best product on the market today to help ease these very real fears. I carry them with me everywhere - so they are always handy to put on my kids. And they love them - they look just like those temporary tattoos that kids everywhere use for fun these days. And one note - my kids both have sensitive skin with a history of eczema and the original SafetyTats were no problem on that front either. The tats were on their arms all day while we were at Six Flags this summer and they never had a reaction.

Mommy Mandy: A Stay-at-home Mom's Point of ViewMommy Mandy features child identification tattoos

Every parent has the concern that their child might get lost amongst a crowd in a public place, especially if you have more than just one or two children to keep an eye on...Such a simple and effective way to keep track of your kiddos. We will be going to Disneyland next weekend and you better believe I will be putting these on my kids. Our Tats have my cell number on them.

Mommy 911 shares the importance of SafetyTat on family outingsMommie 911 reviews our child identification tattoos

Have you ever lost your child, even for a second when they hide under the clothes rack at the store, or realize they have freedom and try to run away from you at the store? When my children first turned 2 or 3 I remember those things happening a few times. I remember my blood pressure rising and the panic setting in. But of course, I was running right after my children, and had them safely back with me in 5 seconds.

SafetyTat Review by Connecting Moms

October 28, 2008

SafetyTat featured on Connecting Moms - Redefining the way Moms Connect

Have you ever been accidentally separated from your curious child, even for a moment?

Odds are you have, and will never forget those terrible moments - nor will your child. Nearly 1,000,000 US children become suddenly separated from their caregivers each year - That's over 2,000 per day!

Introducing SafetyTat, The Tat That Brings Kids Back!(TM)-- a simple way to keep kids safe and connected. SafetyTat is a stylish kids' temporary tattoo that is customized with a parent/caregiver's mobile phone number. The "Original" SafetyTat tattoos are customized online, or SafetyTat has a "Quick Stick Write-on!" that is shipped blank, so you can customize them with the provided tattoo marking pen. SafetyTat provides a quick, highly visible means to help get your child back to you in the event you are separated.

They are convenient to carry in purse or wallet, quick & easy to apply, and last for days! And the best part? Kids love them! Research has shown the unintimidating and playful designs of the SafetyTats increase a child's comprehension of its purpose!

Do you have a child with special needs or severe allergies? SafetyTat has customized solutions for all your safety communication needs!

Just a few moments of preparation now can help avert the panic of parent/child separation later.

SafetyTat in Inland Empire FAMILY

September, 2008 Issue

SafetyTat featured in INland Empire FAMILY

Here's a new way to put the odds in your favor for a safe return: SafetyTat. Designed by a mother of three, SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary tattoo uniquely personalized with your cell number.

When applied to the arm of your child, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification that stays in place, even when wet, and lasts for 1-5 days.

Perfect timing for school field trips, after-school activities and the upcoming holiday shopping season!

Mom Generations Smart Mama Video review of SafetyTat

Mom Generations' "Smart Mama" Video Review of SafetyTat

October 17, 2008

Have your children safe and secure this Halloween. Check out these amazing Halloween Safety Tats. Not only will your kids love "wearing" them... you will love them.

temporary identification tattoos are a fab find on mom fuse

Fab Find: Safety Tat, Just in Case!

In the Safety Tats online shop you have lots of choices of designs, purposes, and personalization options. You can choose to handprint the contact information at home or you can purchase them pre-printed.

Click here to read the entire review on the MomFuse site.

Dawn Meehan Mom to my six pack reviews

If Lost, Call Me!

Safety Tat has taken an ingenius idea and made it even better. I thought that the original Safety Tats stayed on really well, but these new waterproof, skin-safe "tattoos" have some serious sticking power! They can stay on for up to 2 weeks (or until you're ready to remove them).

And here's another cool feature (leave it to moms to come up with these fabulous ideas!) these new Quick Stick Write Ons can be personalized with the included pen. Now, instead of ordering the tattoos with your cell phone number preprinted on them, you get a pack of blank tattoos and you can write any phone number you want on them! You might write your cell phone number when you take the kids to the zoo and you might want to write both your number and your spouse's when you're on a family trip to Disney World. You might want to include a line about your daughter's peanut allergy on one tattoo or a line about your son's autism on another. If Grandma and Grandpa take the kids on a trip, they can write their cell phone number on the tattoos. I love that these are completely customizable! Oh and the pen marks don't smear, smudge or fade at all!

Click here to read the entire review on Dawn's site.

Cool Mom Picks: Tattoos that even your conservative MIL can get behind

September 30, 2008

SafetyTat featured on Cool Mom Picks Review www.coolmompicks

"My kids are old enough now that I no longer have to drill them on our phone number and what to do if they get lost. But oh what I wouldn't have given back then for the brilliant SafetyTats, especially when my son was both pre-verbal and afflicted with a life-threatening allergy. These temporary tattoos were developed by a mom who once wrote her cell number on her kids' arms during an outing, only to discover that the ink smudged off, of course. You can choose from myriad of the original styles that apply like ordinary temporary tattoos, or go for the quick stick write-ons, which don't even require water for application. Have them preprinted with your cell number, or get blanks that come with a special pen. Then mark your child as allergic, autistic, diabetic, or simply addicted to tattoos. -Mir"

SafetyTat review on kid buy products website

SafetyTat Review on Kid Buy Products

October 15, 2008

"They really listen to what the consumer wants, they are offering tons more cute designs and combining packs so that your little one can pick and choose the style they want to have emblazoned on their arm."

"My favorite new item has to be the new Quick Stick Write-On! tattoo. "It is an ultra-durable skin safe applique "tattoo" sticker that is waterproof and will last up to two weeks or until you are ready to remove it." I really like that the Quick Stick Write-On! requires no water to apply you just peel and stick. I mean seriously it was that easy! But the best thing to me about this new addition is that these skin applique tattoos are shipped blank. You can write anything you want on them with the included waterproof tattoo marking pen."

"Another reason I love SafetyTat is that it has helped me to talk to Dozer about getting lost in an almost fun way and not too scary way. We put the tattoo on and I say oh how cool it looks and talk about it and then what the numbers mean and that if you cannot see mommy you should find a woman and show her your cool tattoo and tell her to please call your mommy."

"Overall Rating **** - Excellent innovative product that can potentially save your child and help you broach the topic of staying with mommy and safety in a not so scary way, seriously you cannot beat that"

SafetyTat Child Safety Tattoos on Fox45

WBFF Fox45 Baltimore morning news features SafetyTat and Michele Welsh

August 27, 2008

Fox reports the latest in Back-to-School must haves and gadgets to improve your child's WELL BEING, including SafetyTat. SafetyTat announced the premier of our NEW product Quick Stick Write-On!" during the morning Fox broadcast and the NEW 2-Line SafetyTats. Perfect for child safety during school field trips, as an allergy or medical alert to notify new teachers of your child's condition, Scout trips, sport events/trips, SafetyTat provides a visible form of identification to help our back to school kids!

SafetyTat Child Safety Tattoos on When Life Rocks Blog When Kids Rock Gadgets

SafetyTat Review on When Life Rocks

July 28, 2008

Whether you're at the park, the supermarket, the mall, or the amusement park, there is no other scary feeling than loosing your young child in a large crowd. Imagine your child young enough that he/she can't memorize your phone number yet just incase he/she gets lost. Well, Safety Tats will provide a little relief to that problem. Safety Tats are washable tattoos that kids can wear. On the tattoos is the contact information just incase your child gets separated from you. This is cute and kids love having tattoos and cute things on their body.

I don't have kids myself but I do use it for baby-sitting. I put the tattoos on all the kids when we go to the park. They all seem to love having the tattoos on them. It has my cellphone number for an emergency. I have never lost a child and would never want to. I rather be safe than sorry though.

SafetyTat featured on Nick Parents Connect www.parentsconnect.comNick Parents Connect Recommends SafetyTat

August 11, 2008

Faced with The Reality of being separated from your kids in a crowded amusement park, zoo or school field trip, Parents Connect says SafetyTat is a Recommended Kids Goods Parenting Gear - 5 star rating for SafetyTat!

SafetyTat featured on Because I said so By Dawn Meehan Mom 2 My 6 PackSafetyTat review by Dawn Meehan "Because I Said So" Mom 2 My 6 Pack

July 11, 2008

Dawn Meehan writes THE MOST HILARIOUS and insightful blog site we've seen. Her humorous stories and relevance to all things MOM serve to inspire and entertain us. Thanks, Dawn!

Here's another way cool product! ...Have you ever been separated from a child while at a museum, zoo, amusement park, or mall? Do you remember a time when you were a child and you were separated from your parent? Those heart-stopping moments are hard to forget. Having 6 kids, I'm forever doing the head count thing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....Where's 6? WHO'S 6???...The tattoos go on easily and they STAY on. I tried scrubbing them off my kids' arms with water and a washcloth and they stayed put. They can be removed with baby oil, but my kids insisted I leave them on. They love them!

How awesome is that? Kids LOVE temporary tattoos! And if they're separated from you, you're just a phone call away. What a piece of mind!

SafetyTat featured on Mommies With Style - an online community for hip and trendy mommiesMommies With Style Asks: Going to a Crowded Place This Summer?

July 2008

So far this summer my family has gone to the beach a number of times, a couple of amusement parks, the zoo, and a few other overly-crowded summer venues. With two young children, I often worry what would happen if one were to get lost. Luckily this has never happened, but I have discovered an item that would be a lifesaver should one of them get lost.

They are temporary tattoos from Safety Tat that have your cell or other phone number listed on them. You can choose from a number of styles, create your tattoo online, and that's it! Simply apply to your child's hand or arm before a "big outing" and feel better knowing that someone will be in touch should your child get lost. I love that these tattoos will not rub off when wet (great for water parks or the beach!) and last for a number of days (great for a vacation!). Plus my older son loves the novelty of a temporary tattoo, so he was excited to wear one on a recent outing.

SafetyTat on HGTV Elizabeth Tipton's eTipsA Tattoo Moms Like: HGTV's Elizabeth Tipton's eTips

July 19, 2008

After having more children at a park than adults, a mom invented these helpful temporary tattoos. As a mom, I know how easy it is to turn around, and your child is no where in sight. My daughter is usually under the clothing rack, but it doesn't make it any less scary those few seconds. I worry more in certain places than in others, and I always worry more when I'm out-numbered. Our Zoo has a poorly designed play area. Unless you are climbing around the structure with them, there is no way you can keep your eyes on them when they are playing. I only have one child, but if I had two or three, I would be terrified there. Those situations are a good time to use SafetyTat. It was designed by a mother with three children. The SafetyTat is a fun and colorful kids temporary tattoo that's personalized with your cell phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly-visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet and lasts for one to five days. Even better than just your cell phone number, you can buy tattoos with important medical information. I was in a care-giving situation a few weeks ago where it would have been very beneficial for me to know a particular child was autistic. How nice would it be to slap on a tattoo that said 'my child is allergic to peanuts' before you send him off to camp or Bible School?

Tats for Tots SafetyTat on ABC2 NewsABC News in Baltimore, Phoenix, Detroit, Tulsa, Tampa, Cleveland and Cincinnati Features SafetyTat as Tats For Tots

ABC2 News in Baltimore Investigator Joce Sterman shows us how a new temporary tattoo for kids can help ease the panic you feel while trying to find them.

They're kid-friendly with an image to delight every child...Still, it's not the design that makes the difference. Instead, it's the digits that help reconnect lost kids and their families. But the SafetyTats don't stop with the number. You can even customize them if your child has special needs, allergies or health issues. Tattoos highlighting everything from diabetes to autism are available. There's even a temporary tattoo for kids with peanut allergies or tattoos for kids on a field trip with their school.

ABC spoke with Maryland Zoo Security Captain Phill Carr who thinks the idea of SafetyTat temporary tattoos would make his job much easier. Carr states that, on average, the Zoo reports 20-40 lost children per day that have been separated from their families or school groups.

SafetyTat reviewed by Peanut Butter and PicklesPeanut Butter and Pickles Recommends SafetyTat

September 1, 2008

Children are so quick and nimble, that they can easily slip away from you in a matter of seconds. I have never had to live through those split second moments of fear when you don't know where your child is. I'm hoping that I won't ever need to experience that. With Safety Tat, I knew that if the dreaded were to happen, and they did wander off, someone would know how to contact me. I was so excited when Safety Tat offered to send me some of their temporary tattoos to try out and review. We were planning an outing to our local zoo. What a great place to give them a try. And . . . what kid doesn't love tattoos?

I was very pleased with my Safety Tats! They went on easily and stayed on very well!

Kiwi Magazine, Growing families the natural and organic way, ID Safety for kidsKiwi Magazine
Safer family vacations: keeping track of your kids

August, 2008 issue
ID Safety for kids

Advice for Safer vacations ages 6-9. Put easily accessible contact information, like your name and cell phone number, on your child...SafetyTat is a washable tattoo that can help if your child is lost; you can order customized versions that convey medical conditions like diabetes, autism or nut allergies.

Tattoo For You

June 17, 2008

SafetyTat is a fun and colorful kids temporary safety tattoo that's uniquely personalized with your cell phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet and lasts for days. There are tattoos that inform people of food allergies, autism and more.

Hip Hooligans, Cutting edge styles and products for kids everywhere

Scholastic Parent and Child MagazineSafetyTat in Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine

June/July, 2008

Tattoo Your Tot

Planning a trip to a busy amusement park or sightseeing in a strange city? No doubt the thought of being separated from your child has crossed your mind. Older kids can memorize your cell number, but what about the littler ones? Mom/inventor Michele Welsh hit on a bright idea: safety tats. They're temporary tattoos -- the kind kids love when they get 'em in birthday-party goodie bags -- that can be customized with your phone number.

Invented by a twin mom, naturally.

June 13, 2008

I want to show you the greatest thing ever created in the history of great things.

You may have seen these in the most recent Parents Magazine. You may have read my post about them on my review blog. Now I'm here to tell you how great they are, after branding all my children with them at Disneyland -- All tattooed with mom's cell number

They're awesome! Well, actually - they come off pretty easily. With a bit of scratching, they were history. I don't know if they were reacting with our sunscreen, or what. The kids could SEE them on their arms, and you know how sometimes you just canÕt help but pick at something - that's what they did! I reapplied them to everyone, on the backs of their necks, where they couldn't see them! When I did that, they stayed on until I removed them the next day with makeup remover. I was happy with them, especially for the price: 30 tattoos for $19.95.

We're going to a big birthday party on Saturday, out in the country at a friend's house, where they'll be having pony rides and a jumpy castle and where there will be lots of cool stuff to distract my children and lead them away from my watchful eyes - I'll be branding all of them on Saturday, for sure!

How do you do it - moms of multiples tell it like it is

SafetyTat in Island Family MagazineIsland Famly Magazine

June 4, 2008

With summer travel to amusement parks and unfamiliar locations,there is always a chance of your toddler getting lost in the crowd. Designed by a mom, new SafetyTats are personalized temporary info tattoos which prominently display a parent's cell phone number on the child's arm or hand. ..

SafetyTat earns Daily Candy Kids coveted "This Week" Recommendation

June 2, 2008

Personalized temporary tattoos for tots display vital contact info in case of emergencies.

Daily Candy Kids

Parents Magazine June 2008 Issue: Theme-Park Smarts 3. TATTOO YOUR CHILD. If your kids are too young to memorize your cell phone number, mark it on them. One neat idea is personalized temporary tattoos that have your number right in the design ($20 for 30; safetytatcom).

SafetyTat is a product that should win awards for Best Parenting Idea Ever!

May 13, 2008

What are they? Temporary tattoos, in a variety of cute designs, printed with a cell phone number. Show of hands here: who's headed out somewhere crowded with the family and written on their child's arm with a Sharpie? I totally have. With five kids, four of them itty bitty, and one of them autistic, I'm kind of a freak about keeping track of my children. It's SO EASY to lose track of somebody!

We're going to Disneyland soon, and you can bet I'll be ordering a couple of sets of these before we leave. And they have designs specific for autistic/non-verbal kids! I love it! I think these are the designs we're going to get.

They have lots of cute designs for boys and girls, and designs that alert to other health issues too. I have a friend whose child has a severe nut allergy, and she's going to flip when she sees these! I just can't get over what a fantastic idea this is - it's odd that nobody ever thought of it before! It's so simple, yet so effective. Awesome. This is a mom-run company, and I hope they've submitted their product for awards everywhere!

LaLaGirl Reviews

Child Safety Tattoos at SafetyTat

May 6, 2008

This popular baby product is awesome! SafetyTats are temporary tattoos that do the talking for a lost child. The easy-to-read, colorful, kid-friendly tattoo is placed on a child's hand or arm that reads, "If LOST, please call:" and gives a cell phone number for the parent or guardian.

Popular Baby Products: up-to-date on the latest popular baby products, cute baby names, and other helpful baby tools

Exceptional Parent MagazineFrom EP Exceptional Parent Magazine "What's Happening" Section: New Temporary Tattoos Keep Children and Parents Connected

April Issue 2008

Safety Tats come in stylish designs and kid-friendly colors to ensure a child will want to wear them.

SafetyTat: could have saved me ten years of my life

April 13, 2008

Enter Safety Tat. I haven't even read half of the landing page, and I'm already determined to buy three of everything they have. The photo front and center says it all: a smiling child with a temporary tattoo bearing her name and a cell phone number. Good lord almighty in a pear tree, why haven't we thought of that?? I think ParentHacks stumbled on it first by suggesting a message with a Sharpie on the tummy, but I really like this idea. Who can find a Sharpie when you need one? I'd rather keep tattoos in my purse and brand my children before going into the breach once more.

Mommy Blog

SafetyTat Earns "Vibe of the Day" from Babyvibe

April 14, 2008

Here at Babyvibe, some of our little ones are not so little any more and it is a possibility that one of our kids could wander off. While the thought of it leaves a big pit in our stomach, we want to make sure that we can avoid any serious problems. The highly visible SafetyTat seems like a good 'just-in-case' plan, especially for little ones who do not yet know their number. You can easily put on the tattoo with your cell phone number clearly printed on their forearm. The good thing about this: junior can't take it off, the tattoos don't smudge even when wet, and they are fun to wear. If your children like to put stickers on their skin, they'll definitely like a fun tattoo on their arm. Take the time with your children to personalize your SafetyTat. Let them pick out the design and talk about safety and the importance of wearing the special 'sticker' when you are out. At the end of the day, we think this is a wise investment.


Mommy Warriors Site of the Week

February 18, 2008

If you've ever gone to a crowded mall or an amusement park, you know that it's easy to get separated from your kids. As careful as we all try to be, if you turn your head for a split second your little ones can wander off in different directions. Safetytat gives you one more layer of security, with their custom temporary tatoos. By including an imprint of your cell number, your kids will have a way to track you down. With a wide range of different colors and styles, your kids will love wearing them, too.

mommy warriors

New Jersey Family Magazine: Safety Tattoos for Tots

A child lost in a crowd can be one of the most terrifying moments in of a parent's life. But now there's a new way to avoid this fear: temporary tattoos by SafetyTat(tm). When the tattoo is positioned on your childÕs hand or arm, it reads, 'If lost, please call [your phone number].' A mom inventor specifically created these for tots who are not mature enough to communicate their phone number but know how to seek an adultÕs help when lost.

New Jersey Family

SafetyTat featured in April Parent Map MagazineParent Map Magazine

Here's great news for nerve-wracked parents who can't get Junior to memorize his own phone number. Put that Sharpie down! Now you can tattoo your phone number onto Junior's skin--temporarily. Slap a SafetyTat on that chubby little arm before hitting that Barney live jam. Cute designs include dinos, rockets, butterflies and a peanut alert.

Green Kiddos says SafetyTat is a 'super cool product'

April 11, 2008

All kids love temporary tattoos and this one serves a great purpose of giving your child a phone number in case he or she gets lost. There are several things I love about this product, first is that they only put a phone number, not your child's name. Second is I know my three year old would be super excited to wear this product...

Green Kiddos

NBC WBAL Features Mompreneur Michele Welsh

Michele Welsh is featured on NBC as part of a special series on Women Entrepreneurs. "Mom Makes Tattoos to Help Locate Kids" Ever worry you'll lose your child in a crowd at the mall or an amusement park? That fear inspired Michele Welsh to create Safety Tats -- waterproof temporary tattoos that Welsh customizes with a parent's home or cell phone number. So if your child get lost, your contact information is right there." To see Welsh's story, click here.

child safety tattoos on NBC SafetyTat Michele Welsh

Child Safety Tattoo on CNN Headline News Nancy Grace Recognizes SafetyTat as "Extraordinary"

Our founder, Michele Welsh, has just been featured on CNN Headline News Nancy Grace show as a finalist in the Extraordinary Parent Contest. The Nancy Grace show chose Michele from among thousands of entries because of her passion in child safety and SafetyTat. Child safety tattoo Nancy Grace

White Rock Sandcastle

Simply stated: "We're not paid to advertise this company - it's just a smart product for your child's safety."

Parents Magazine GoodyBlog

Powered by Parents Magazine, GoodyBlog is a Must See, Must Do, Must Have Right Now parenting products review blog. GoodyBlog loves Safety Tattoos by SafetyTat!


The Wichita Eagle Article: Safety tattoos for the tots

February 13, 2008: Kids love temporary tattoos -- but here's one parents may love even more.

SafetyTats, invented by a mom of three, are intended to keep kids connected to parents when they're visiting crowded public places such as amusement parks, airports or shopping malls.

Personalized with your phone number, the tattoos give lost kids (or their finders) a way to contact their parents. Like other temporary tattoos, they go on with warm water and can easily be removed with baby oil.

A set of 30 tattoos is $19.95 (plus shipping). Find them at

Wichita Eagle Logo

Madness of Motherhood Podcast Features SafetyTat

Host Suzette Boyette and Michele have a great conversation about keeping kids safe and about SafetyTat kid safety tattoos. Suzette says "SafetyTat" will soon become a VERB, like Kleenex, Xerox or Google. "Hey, we need to 'SafetyTat' our kids!"

Madness of Motherhood show is produced by Parents Everywhere: A New Media company specializing in parenting and family health with podcasts, workshops and classes.


Orlando Sentinel

Jan 18, 2008
Tattoos for Tots

No no, we're not talking about going under the gun and having a butterfly on your baby's backside for the rest of their life. These temporary tattoos from SafetyTat are designed to keep emergency contact information on your kids. A mother of three came up with the idea after spending a day at a theme park writing her cell phone number on the arms of her kids, having to repeat as it smudged and smeared away.

You personalize them (there are fun designs like butterflies and flowers for girls and rocket ships and dinosaurs for boys) adding your cell phone number (or whatever emergency number you choose). The makers tout them as a great idea for theme parks, zoos, field trips, etc. when it takes only a second to lose sight of your little one. This way, no amount of hand-washing or misplaced papers, can erase how to get in touch with you. Most designs say "If lost, call:" but there is also one for contacting the child's school and another that alerts people to a nut allergy. The temporary tattoos go on like any other, with water, and wipe clean with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. A set of 30 costs $19.95.


Jennifer Gladstone on Fox45 in Baltimore interviews founder, Michele Welsh

As a mom of two small children, Fox news anchor, Jennifer Gladstone is thrilled with SafetyTat Child Safety Tattoos.


SafetyTat Child Safety Tattoos earns Pinks and Blues "Lucky Picks" Endorsement

Pinks and Blues is a website outlining the trendy and ultra hip products, wisdom and advice regarding conception thru kids. Quite smart mamas.

Pinks and BluesPinks and Blues

Dustbowl Recognizes SafetyTat Safety Tattoos as an innovative design solution

Dustbowl features creative and innovative solutions in design. We're thrilled to be considered among this elite list of creative products.


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