Introducing SafetyTat QR --
Now Smarter is Safer!

SafetyTat is proud to announce SafetyTat QR! This innovative tat combines advanced smart phone technology with integrated QR codes on our award-winning temporary tattoos. The result is a customizable, cutting-edge solution that's simple, smarter and safer.

Smart Research

Why were SafetyTat QR Tats created? The simple answer is you! So many of our loyal customers had requested a way for SafetyTats to carry more information, we had to find a solution. Our research led to QR or "Quick Response" codes, which when scanned can share large amounts of information in a small visual space.

We also found that QR code scanning now is everywhere -- up 700% in 2010 alone! Any smart phone with a QR app can scan these codes instantly and conveniently. (See a list of QR scanning apps below)

Right away, we knew we had the answer -- and the result is SafetyTat QR!

Smart Results

With SafetyTat QR, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of the specific information needed to identify and protect your child is immediately accessible to responsible adults, police, and first-response professionals:

QR Tats can carry up to 90 characters of customer-specified information--all instantly scannable using a smart phone with a QR app. In addition, the easy-to-read temporary tattoo reads, "EMERGENCY CONTACT" and displays a parent's mobile phone number.

Plus, QR Tats are made with proprietary Tateck® II tattoo material, with stylish designs and kid-friendly colors that every child likes to wear. Easy to apply, the peel-and-stick tattoos cannot be readily removed, peeled or smeared, lasting 1-3 days on the skin.

Smarter Starts Here

Play it safer and smarter with SafetyTat QR!

Your SafetyTat QR is preprinted with one line of customization. Select a quantity, and add your phone number.

Add your QR code information in the box provided, up to 90 characters.

To read application instructions, click here. If stored properly, SafetyTat QR tattoos can be used for up to one year.

Here's a list our favorite QR code scanning apps for your smartphone

#1 hands down: i-nigma Visit i-nigma website to download and read more here
Easy-to-use, nice interface, accurate, fast scanning

Links to available app downloads:

Other QR scanning apps are described and linked in this helpful article:
QR Code Reader and Software : Mobile-Barcodes

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