Success Stories from SafetyTat Customers

Relieved at Epcot, with a calm little boy

As we just returned from Disney World, my husband and I cannot thank Safety Tat enough for their awesome product.

We have been using the product for (years) and fortunately have not had the awful experience of loosing one of our children until our recent trip to Disney World.

We have two children, a son 8 years old and a 6 year old daughter. We were at Epcot watching the Illumination Show and afterwards as we were leaving, our 8 year old son was walking right next to us. A second later, he was gone! Our son never leaves our side and it literally was seconds before we realized he wasn't with us.

We immediately saw a Security Guard and right as we were giving a description of our son, what he was wearing, where we were when we last saw him, etc., I received a call within 5 minutes on my cell phone from another mom who said, 'I have your little boy.'

We cannot begin to tell you how relieved we were in getting our son back so quickly and safely. My husband and I are ever so grateful for SafetyTat. Our son did not panic, as he is a calm child to begin with, but he told us that he wouldn't just go up to anyone. He saw a mother with two children and said he knew she was safe. He then showed her his tattoo and asked her to call the number on it.

Throughout the week that we were at the Disney World Parks, I can not begin to count how many mothers came up to me to ask me where I got the tattoos and what a great idea they were. They saw the website printed on the tattoo and immediately wrote it down.

We will continue to use your product and will also continue to recommend it!

Thanks Again!

—Robin Z.

TSA's Help at the Airport

We went (to Disney) on a Friday - my now 3-1/2 year old daughter had her safetytat just above her elbow. Luckily, our little ones never separated from us. We flew home to Chicago's O'Hare airport the following day. As we were leaving the terminal area to head to baggage claim, my daughter somehow didn't get onto an escalator with my husband. I walked in a different direction to the elevators with the baby in the stroller, so I was obvlivious to what was going on as I headed straight to Baggage claim.

My husband didn't notice until he had made it halfway down the escalator that Allison wasn't next to him!! My cell phone rang while I was waiting for my husband & Allison at baggage claim - it was a TSA agent who said 'we have a little girl at the escalator area and this cell number was tattooed on her arm.' PHEW!!!

They got hold of me as my husband was trying to get back to the secure area to get her (no easy task at O'Hare!).

Luckily, she was in a very secure area with several agents who saw her run from my husband, so they knew to keep her there - but I felt so relieved that someone could call me so easily to let me know she was ok. The TSA agent commented that they wished all separations could easily be remedied by a phone number on an arm.


—Betsy G.

Quickly Reunited at the Waterpark

I had ordered your tattoos earlier this year for our summer vacation to SeaWorld and for my diabetic daughter to wear in the pool in lieu of her medical alert id.

Yesterday, we went to Hershey Park. While we were in the wave pool, there was an incident and the lifeguards made everyone exit the pool area. As you can imagine, the amount of people leaving all at once was overwhelming and my 7 year old daughter was separated from us.

We started to search the area. In that short period, someone noticed my daughter was lost and used the information on the tattoo to call me.

What a great idea! I will always have some of these on hand. Thank you for a wonderful product.

—Dori B.

Downtown Disney with Helpful, Alert Castmembers

I just wanted to let you know our success story with your product. I bought the quick-write safetytats for my 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter just before our recent trip to Disney and Seaworld. Everyone (other moms, employees, lifeguards) loved the (ID) tattoos and wanted to know where I got them (of course I told them!). Many people said it was the best thing they have ever seen!

We were hanging out at Downtown Disney in the World of Disney store, which is quite huge. Our family was walking around together, and when it was time to move to another section we told the kids to "follow Daddy". I saw that my husband had the 4 year old while I carried our 7 month old. I thought my daughter was following, but when I turned around, she had disappeared! I quickly retraced our steps while my husband got out our cell phone, hoping someone would call. I realized that the store was way too huge for me to find my daughter on my own, so I found a cast member and explained what had happened. The cast member was just about to call an alert when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter on the phone! Another cast member had her at the information desk. When I got to the desk, a cast member told me that my daughter calmly came up to her and told her that she couldn't find her mommy. My daughter then asked her to call the number on her tattoo. Both cast members (the one my daughter went to and the one who called me) said they were impressed at how calm my daughter remained and thought the tattoos were the best thing they had ever seen. Thanks to the tattoo, my daughter was recovered in less than 5 minutes. What could have been an awful situation turned out just fine.

I love your product, and I will definitely continue to use them and tell everyone else about them as well!

As a side note...I know many parents tend to panic (rightfully so) when their child is lost. I think one of the best things to do when you notice your child is missing is to immediately notify an employee, lifeguard, etc. Most places have plans set up to find a lost child quickly, but it is most effective if they can put the plan into action right away. Many stores will block the entrance and have every available employee and security guard going up and down every aisle to find your child.

Thanks for such a great product!

—Micki I.

Nut Allergy Close Call

kids with food allergies ID tattoo>	<p class=The class camp had taken a train trip and my son did not take his food I packed with him on the train. Thank goodness his SafetyTat alerted the volunteer serving food to stop, and to call me.

A friend told me about your product and I couldn't wait to order them. I got the "Alert - Nut Allergy" SafetyTats, and for the first time, I felt like, in a way, I was there with my son to warn others about his allergies. It seems no matter how much I explain his condition to teachers and others responsible for his care ahead of time, it's just to easy for them to forget. Understandably, because they are also responsible for many other children.

So thank you. I think I will always worry, however, our SafetyTat did just as I hoped it would do. It prevented the accidental exposure of nuts to my son, and a potentially dangerous situation.

—Kathy H, Single Mom of three

SafetyTat Success Story from the beach

This past summer, my neighbor told me about SafetyTat. I thought it was an awesome idea. So I ordered some right before our vacation.

I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old, so I was mostly buying them for my two year old. However, it actually came in handy for my 6 year old!

Even though he knew our home phone number, he had not memorized our cell phone number, and we were on vacation - NOT at home.

Well, the very first day he wore it, it worked! He was swimming in the ocean and the tide pulled him about 50 feet to the left. I noticed he was missing and started to look for him up and down the beach. As I started to panic, I heard my cell phone ringing back on my towel.

I ran to get the phone, and it was a life guard calling me. He said, "Your son is here with me. He couldn't find your spot on the beach."

I was so relieved. And better yet, my son didn't panic. He told me, "Mommy, I got lost, but I knew just what to do. I told the life guard to call you."

Thank you SafetyTat for bringing my son back to me and for helping him stay calm in a scary situation!

—Jennifer K.

Theme Park: Lost Jedi

On the first full day of our vacation, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. At the last minute before leaving the hotel room for the day, I applied the SafetyTats on my boys' arms...'just in case.' After all, what could it hurt and besides, as most kids do at that age, my boys love tattoos. We had no idea at the time the role SafetyTat would play in our day.Now, my boys (who are crazy about all things Star Wars) wanted to see the Star Tours experience which featured a side stage production with an opportunity for "younglings" to be trained in the Jedi way. Along with many, many other kids, mine wanted to be up front in the area designated just for kids where they could get a better view and possibly be chosen to participate in the "Jedi Training" on stage. Anyway, once it all began, my youngest son (the 4 yr. old) was frightened by all the commotion and noise on stage and so decided to make a run for it-- away from his oblivious older brother and certainly not in our direction. This must have made him even more frightened (if that were possible) because now he was lost.

As soon as my wife and I discovered that he was no longer with his brother, we of course became panicked as we began to scour the crowd for our 3' 4'' son. Calling out for him was useless with all of the other noise going on so we had to just run around looking like panick-stricken parents. If you've ever experienced this, then you know what I mean when I say I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach like I've never felt before.

So, there we were running around with our eyes open as wide as saucers and then all of a sudden, we spot him standing there, crying and apoplectic with fright, alongside a man who has his cell phone in his hand and is looking at my son's arm getting ready to dial my cell number; which, of course, is prominently displayed on the SafetyTat. You see, even though you couldn't plainly see the tattoo, my son did have the presence of mind to tell the adult that he had the tattoo and had pulled up his sleeve to show him-- just when we showed up.

—Matt M, Dad of two

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